C-N-C Academy, Illinois Concealed Carry Classes in Schaumburg

Weekday & Weekend Classes


C-N-C ACADEMY is A Full-time Academy.

Illinois Concealed Carry Classes in Schaumburg, C-N-C Academy host weekly classes. Our class size is smaller which is better for each student to get the attention desired.


Concealed Carry Classes are held from 9am to 5pm. Must be done in consecutive days! Weekdays or Weekends.


CNC ACADEMY CCL Classes host 8hr Military classes that are done once a month normally held on the second Tuesday of the month. 9am to 5pm.


These renewal classes are done on selected days normally held on the second Wednesday and a selected Saturday and Sunday weekend of the month. these class times are from 10am to 1pm.

IL & FL Concealed Carry License Classes, weekdays (Tues, Wed) & weekends (Sat, Sun)

This Course requires 16 hours, all classes run 9am to 5pm

Class Price $175

Check calendar for available dates.

**Price Covers both days and Range fee. Our Classes use the best of the USCCA(United States Concealed Carry Association) concealed carry license course that is an excellent way to introduce yourself to gun safety.

IL Concealed Carry Classes Weekends
IL Concealed Carry Classes Weekdays & Weekends
Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9am – 5pm                                                Saturday and Sunday 9am – 5pm


This course requires 3 hours class runs 10:00am to 1:00pm.

Renewal $75 /  Class held selected dates

Check calendar for available dates

**Price Includes Range Fee: The Illinois State Police requires all License holders to renew every 5 years. A 3 hour Renewal class must be completed in order receive the new Renewal Certificate, which is required for the renewal application process.

IL CCL Renewal Class
IL 3 hour concealed carry Renewal Class



8 Hour Course $120

Check calendar for available dates.

**Price Includes Range Fee, ATTENTION VETERANS AND MILITARY PERSONNEL THIS IS A NEW CLASS ALL FOR YOU. 8 hour Illinois Concealed Carry Class for Members of the United States Armed Forces Active, Retired, or Honorably Discharged, A Copy of your DD-214 is required or Active Armed Forces ID Card. This class is offered once every month on a selected TUESDAY 9am to 5pm

IL 8 hour Concealed Carry Classes for Veterans
IL 8 hour Concealed Carry Classes for Veterans

The Smokeless Range training is a Virtual laser simulator

Work on your skills

Class Price $60

Thursdays 10am generally runs about 2 hours.

The tactical enriched targets presents a series of shoot/no-shoot targets as you move through a variety of environments. Target presentation is randomized every time the course is ran to ensure training never gets old. Tactical Targets includes five different courses of fire to choose from with one being a timed target range to really push and test your skills. Tactical Targets is a must for any shooter looking to practice their target identification skills and on the fly decision making!


Investment of getting your concealed carry license.

  • C-N-C Academy Class Fee: $175
  • State of Illinois Registration Fee: $150. (5 year License) Paid at time you apply for the license.
  • Optional Fingerprints: $65 – $70 (Paid to Fingerprint company day of class)
  • Optional Firearm Rental: $30 (Includes ammo)
  • Optional Concealed Carry and Home Defense Text Book $25
  • Due to new security measures C-N-C can not help with application processing at this time!

Our Mission Statement

Helping We The People Carry 2 Defend. We want to help as many 2nd Amendment supporters as possible to learn the proper safety and handling of firearms. From the beginners to most advanced, our classes have something to offer everyone. We Care about Your Safety!

Dedicated Instructor

All Classes offered by C-N-C Academy are taught by Carl J Traub our instructor he is a Certified United States Concealed Carry Association Instructor (USCCA) Certified NRA Instructor and NRA Law Enforcement Instructor. All Course Curriculum’s and Instructor is Certified by the Illinois State Police.

Our Classroom

We have a dedicated classroom in Schaumburg, Cook County Illinois: We utilize Laser Sirt pistols for gun handling training, Safety Matters! We use the USCCA curriculum’s power-points presentation which we display on a large 65″ HD TV. We have complimentary beverages and snacks available. We provide pens and note pads for taking notes.

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