Firearm and Ammo


Firearm and ammo rental covers you to complete the qualification portion of the course.
Choose any one of 5 guns to use.
Sig P365 9mm,
Springfield Hellcat 9mm,
Smith & Wesson 2.0c 9mm,
Walther PPQ 9mm,
Ruger SR22 .22 Caliber

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Need a Firearm and Ammo rental to complete the required shooting qualification? No Problem we can do a rental that includes the ammo so you can complete the course.
You can choose from any one of 5 guns to choose from, Walther PPQ, Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 9mm subcompact, Sig P365, Springfield Hellcat, Ruger SR.22 all are semi automatics chambered in 9mm or .22 caliber.

The following criteria will be a requirement of any customer wishing to rent a Firearm and Ammo from C-N-C Academy, LLC. At the time of rental, the customer must be over the age of 21 and meet at least one of the following criteria:

Must have a valid State ID or FOID Card. (Cannot be Expired)
Proof of these criteria will be validated by a C-N-C Academy, LLC employee. In addition employee will document which of the qualifying criteria have been met.

Maintenance of Rental Firearms
On a regular basis, rental guns will be cleaned and inspected for safety and proper functionality. However, C-N-C Academy, LLC makes no warranties on any firearm and the customer assumes all risk in the use of the firearm.

Before and after every rental of a firearm, a C-N-C Academy, LLC employee will inspect the gun to make sure it is clear and unloaded before handing it. After that before returning it to the rental gun inventory.

Firearms that have been rented or used by a customer will be inspected bi-weekly to monthly, based on use. Cleaning and inspection will occur more often if: A particular rental firearm is experiencing a high rate of use.
A customer or employee has indicated any potential problem or safety issue with a rental firearm.

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