Defensive Shooting Fundamentals


The Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Smokeless Range training is a Virtual laser simulator. Training is held Bi-weekly on Monday nights 6pm – 8pm or Thursdays at 10am – 12pm, max of 4 trainees per course.
Course may run longer base on individual results.

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The Defensive Shooting Fundamentals, Smokeless Range training is a Virtual laser simulator. It is by far the best training tool to train for Use of deadly Force, concealed carry, personal protection and police qualification. Video Scenario Trainer. To teach advanced concepts of certain fundamentals necessary for proper deployment of a defensive pistol. It is meant to teach certain concepts so that students learn a basic understanding and then are able to practice at their on pace.

Review of Fundamentals

Deploying your Weapon (Holster Draw)

Follow-through / Multiple shots on target

Clearing malfunctions while on the move

Shooting on the move

Shooting from cover

Developing a Defensive Mindset

Target identification skills

Monday Night 6pm – 8pm / Thursday daytime 10am – 12pm

The tactical enriched targets presents a series of shoot/no-shoot targets as you move through a variety of environments. Target presentation is randomized every time the course is ran to ensure training never gets old. Tactical Targets includes five different courses of fire to choose from with one being a timed target range to really push and test your skills. Tactical Targets is a must for any shooter looking to practice their target identification skills and on the fly decision making!

The Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Smokeless Range training is less expensive then range and ammo cost. Laser training safely in a classroom, lots of reputations safely without the danger of live fire.

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Dates 10/28/2021, 11/04/2021, 11/08/2021, 11/18/2021, 12/02/2021, 12/06/2021, 12/16/2021, 10/07/2021, 10/06/2021

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