We recommend adding this USCCA Textbook to your cart when taking one of our classes. It is a great information guide to have no matter what class you are taking with us. It will also allow you to follow in the class with having to take notes.

Author Michael Martin’s composed this expansive guide for anyone contemplating owning or carrying a firearm for self-defense. Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals. The will give you details how to understand conflict avoidance and situational awareness. Cover the basics of handguns and shotguns, the fundamentals of shooting. Foremost the physiology of violent confrontations, and the legal characteristics of using deadly force. Recognized as the official textbook of USCCA classrooms, this easy-to-read guidebook provides full access on what gear you should wear, what gadgets you should use, and how you should train for self-defense situations.

This is a great guide to take home with you for a refresher of what you had just learned in our classes. Better than taking notes and trying to make heads or tails out that. This complete guide that will have the complete Powerpoint presentation illustrated in the book and even cover more in depth about the phyicalogical reactions our body go through during an extremely stressful situation.

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