CCL Application Processing, need Assistance we can do it for you?
Not tech savvy, therefore We can help assist the completion of your application online for you.
FOID Card and Concealed Carry License.

The Illinois State Police Firearms Service Bureau CCL Application Processing can be difficult to complete online. You can not use a phone or tablet to do this. The process must be completed on a desktop or laptop. You will be required to upload a passport type photo and a copy of your training certificate. They also require 10yrs of resident history.

Illinois Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor Information and Responsibilities. This document provides direction and clarification on the responsibilities of approved Illinois Concealed Carry Firearms (ILCCF) Instructors. The examples referenced within this document are part of an instructor packet sent to all approved Illinois Concealed Carry Firearms (ILCCF) Instructors via email.

Concealed Carry Prior Training Credit. This is a list of training courses acceptable to satisfy the prior training requirements. Must be consistent with Section 75(i) of the Act, and the appropriate credit to be applied for each CCL Application Processing. The responsibility falls on the instructor to verify successful completion of prior training and apply credit as listed. The list will be updated as additional courses are submitted and approved by the Department.

Illinois State Police Concealed Carry Firearm Training Certificate. This certificate template should be used to document successful completion of your course for each student. All ILCCL applicants will be required to provide a copy of their training certificate indicating they successfully completed approved curriculum. But this must be signed by an approved ILCCF Instructor. Includes instructions for completing the training certificate. Good luck with the whole Application Processing.

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