About Us CNC Academy, Helping Good People Carry 2 Defend. Offers Top rated Firearms Training Classes in Schaumburg,

Dedicated Instructor

Carl J Traub is a full-time firearms Instructor that teaches a curriculum that exceeds the State requirements to obtain your Concealed Carry License. “As a Certified Illinois Firearms Instructor, Carl’s goal is to help as many 2nd amendment defenders not only improve their knowledge and shooting skills, also to safely and responsibly handle their firearms. Creating many more well-armed responsible GUN OWNERS! With thousands of satisfied Students!

Carl has almost 50 years of firearms experience. As the son of a police officer, he learned at an early age the importance of being a responsible firearms owner. Carl’s experience as a former Firearms Instructor and Crew Chief with Dunbar Armored Car Division he decided to open C-N-C Academy in Spring of 2016. As a Certified Illinois Firearms Instructor, Certified by USCCA, NRA Law Enforcement, And NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Carl’s goal is to help students not only improve their shooting, but to safely and responsibly handle their firearms. Carl uses his professional training and recreational shooting experience to help both novice and experienced gun owners become safer, more knowledgeable, and more responsible.


Our Mission Statement


Helping We The People Carry 2 Defend. We want to help as many 2nd Amendment supporters as possible to learn the proper safety and handling of firearms. From the beginners to most advanced, our classes have something to offer everyone. We Care about Your Safety! We are utilize A Smokeless Range Training Simulator along with Laser Sirt pistols for gun handling training, Because Safety Matters!

Dedicated Instructor


All Classes offered by C-N-C Academy are taught by Carl J Traub our instructor he is a Certified United States Concealed Carry Association Instructor (USCCA) Certified NRA Instructor and NRA Law Enforcement Instructor. All Course Curriculum’s and Instructor is Certified by the Illinois State Police.

Our Classroom


We have a dedicated classroom in Schaumburg, Cook County Illinois:  We use the USCCA curriculum’s power-points presentation which we display on a large 65″ HD TV. We have complimentary beverages and snacks available. We provide pens and note pads for taking notes.

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